How Jon Favreau’s Next Movie Will Be Edited on an iPad

By  · Published on February 19th, 2013

For $50, you can own the editing program that Jon Favreau and Dan Lebental will use to edit their next film. Lebental (who edited Iron Man and Zathura among others) has designed a new iPad app called TouchEdit that will grant access to pros and enthusiasts to 90% of the tools that Lebental would use to edit a studio-funded feature film (and he’s promised to use it on his next project with Favreau).

It’s available on iTunes, but if it’s the future, it’s been inspired by the past. “It was such a badge of honor to touch film,” Lebental told The Hollywood Reporter. “I realized that is one of the things we lost. I miss interacting directly with the media.” Now, the touch screen facilitates that for him. The app even includes a tool called a Grease Pencil that allows editors to “physically” mark in and out points directly on the digital frames.

Isn’t it great how common stories like this are now? We live in a world where important filmmakers are toying around with smart phones, and, yes, this story is essentially an announcement that an editor is going to use a computer to edit a film, but it’s also one more small step toward everyday digital devices harnessing the tools to make expensive-looking art. It might also be another small nail in the coffin of physical film. With the ease created by the proliferation of technology, it’s looking more and more like film will be cinema’s answer to vinyl records in the next 10 years. It’s only a matter of time until the last 10% is added into TouchEdit (or another app like it), which means we’re just a few more inches closer to an alarming amount of freedom.

Here’s a short (yet moderately technical) video showing TouchEdit in action:

Would you download it?

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