‘How I Live Now’ Trailer: Saoirse Ronan Will Kick Ass to Find You

By  · Published on August 12th, 2013

It seems that this summer’s end-of-the-world movie trend (World War Z, This is the End, The World’s End, Pacific Rim…I’ll keep going) is getting extended into the fall with another film about a bleak future, this time starring a mad as hell Saoirse Ronan.

Kevin MacDonald’s How I Live Now, based on the massively popular YA novel by Meg Rosoff, tells the story of American girl Daisy (seriously, guys, screw off if you call her Elizabeth – only her DAD calls her that, and he’s totally lame), who is sent to the English countryside to stay with relatives. Fortunately, Cute Boy Edmund (George MacKay) lives nearby, and they strike up the kind of love you only dream about. Their idyllic summer is cut short when WWIII begins and England becomes a violent military state; Daisy spends the rest of the film trying to escape her captors and find her lost love because that’s…how she lives now.

The trailer’s hip pop-punk soundtrack played over shots of Daisy racing through the countryside and ducking under gunfire make this clear that it’s an action movie for the StephEnie Meyer generation, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s probably going to be cheesy, and for anyone over the age of 17, the couple’s vows of undying love will be a bit laughable.

But how refreshing is it to see a feisty little punk chick (with just on-point eyeliner, can I add?) take the reins in a war/action/disaster movie and go and get her guy? If seeing an adaptation of their favorite YA novel is getting teen girls into seats to see it, I’ll take it.

How I Live Now is in theaters in the UK on October 4th. There is no U.S. release date at this time.