How Do You Pick the Ten Best Movies of All Time?

By  · Published on July 19th, 2012

We’ve been waiting on Sight & Sound’s Top Ten List for the past ten years, and it comes out in a few weeks. To get prepped for it, and to explore the strange work of choosing the ten best movies of all time, In Contention critic and first time voter Guy Lodge explains the thought process that went into creating his list.

It’s a seemingly impossible task. After all, do you place Vertigo about North By Northwest? Do you go purely personal or for “important” works? Do you brazenly include an embarrassing favorite or stick with a list that will be respectable? And why does Citizen Kane always win?

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Random Top Ten Lists [The Beginning ‐ 4:25] A bunch of the best ten movies of all time ‐ just not exactly the same ten.

Rosebud [4:25 ‐ The End]: Guy Lodge and I discuss the finer points of picking the best of all time.

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