‘House of Cards’ Will Continue Without Kevin Spacey

There’s a new lead in town to finish House of Cards.  
Robin Wright House Of Cards
By  · Published on December 4th, 2017

There’s a new lead in town to finish House of Cards.

Netflix has confirmed that the final season of House of Cards will resume production, this time with Robin Wright as the lead. There have been numerous discussions about how the show would finish or even if it would finish, after the departure of the Oscar-winning lead, Kevin Spacey, from the show. Many fans suggested moving forward with Robin Wright and that seems to be exactly the direction Netflix has decided to take.

Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said that the show will go into production at the start of 2018 and that it will “bring closure of the show for fans.” Perhaps, more importantly, it means 2,000 people who work in the Baltimore area will continue to have work and not be punished for the misconduct of one person. Deadline reports that it will be an abridged season of eight-episodes used to wrap things up in a satisfying manner. It’s something to be sure, but exactly how much of it will be just closing open threads or giving Robin Wright a satisfying arc remains to be seen.

Originally House of Cards was allegedly going to being production on its finale season right after Thanksgiving, but after numerous allegations made against star Kevin Spacey, the show had to make massive changes to the script and direction of the final season. The hiatus was originally scheduled for two-weeks but everyone involved decided they needed a little bit more time to make everything right.

This decision to continue without Spacey was certainly a complex one, but Netflix has made it clear that they have a no tolerance policy for that kind of behavior. Now the show will continue with Robin Wright in the lead and give everyone involved a satisfying ending. For a landmark show like House of Cards, embroiled in a conflict, that is about as good as we could’ve hoped for.

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