BREAKING: A Description of a Teaser Trailer is Now Online!

Your face will explode all over your monitor when you see this description of a teaser trailer!
By  · Published on June 23rd, 2008

We know all you Rejects out there are clamoring for Terminator Salvation news, and boy did Aint It Cool ever give it to us this weekend. If you think you’ll get heart palpitations from seeing the new full-length trailer, if you fear going into ‘roid rage from simply seeing a teaser trailer, if you might rip your own head off just to see a shoddy bootleg of said teaser trailer – wait until you get a load of the Verbal Description of The Teaser Trailer.

Yes, fanboys, it’s officially been confirmed that the English Language Version of the Text Description of The Teaser Trailer is an accurate one.

Click here to read the teaser trailer.

In even more exciting McG Terminator news, a spy has sent us this description of The Webpage That Has the Text Description of The Teaser Trailer. Remember, it may or may not be accurate.

It’s got the tell-tale graphic of a cartoon Harry Knowles dressed up as Princess Leia in the top right corner. A dead giveaway that it’s an Aint It Cool Site. It has no fewer than four exclamation marks in the title, and goes on to describe in cautious excitement the description of how they came by the description. There’s a lot of text. And then in more text, the description comes in a separately formatted light purple box. It’s followed by an intense amount of talkbacks that range from how “awesome” the new movie will be to whether or not “All Your Base Are Belong to Us” is still a valid cultural meme. It isn’t.

If anyone has a confirmation on this, please DROP ME A LINE!

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