Hot Dog… The Movie Remake Could Be Mike Marvin’s Mad Max: Fury Road

By  · Published on April 7th, 2015

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

Mike Marvin has been talking about doing a sequel or remake of Hot Dog… The Movie for years. The filmmaker wrote the 1984 original, which took in a decent $20m at the box office and went on to be a popular sex comedy cult classic over the subsequent decades, and directed its ski action scenes. Hot Dog even got a nice shout out recently in the commercials for Austin’s Vulcan Video made by Jimmy Kimmel with help from Matthew McConaughey. More importantly, Marvin is still on track for what’s now being primarily called a remake. A script is written, and financing of $12m has reportedly been procured. Marvin, who went from the original to directing Hamburger: The Motion Picture and The Wraith (and the ski scenes in Better Off Dead), may also take the helm here.

The latest details on the Hot Dog remake can be found on the Teton Gravity Research website in a column by Christian W. Dietzel. He’s been chronicling Marvin’s developments and biographical background ‐ including the story of his early ski film Earth Rider, which is said to have inspired, without proper credit, the BASE jump stunt in The Spy Who Loved Me ‐ and plans to make his own movie about Marvin, titled A Notorious Run, described as Man on Wire meets Boogie Nights meets The Kid Stays in the Picture (he plans to raise money for that through equity crowdfunding, which is crowdfunding as investment, not donation). Just ignore that the upcoming Sunshine Superman has already been likened to Man on Wire and also deals with BASE jumpers.

Hot Dog the remake will have a number of changes from the first movie, including substituting the Austrian antagonists with Russians, but at its center will be amazing skiing stunts and of course “plenty of ass grabbing, hot tub antics [and] slug-sized joints.” Dietzel is now somewhat selling the project as Marvin’s equivalent of George Miller’s upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road, as in it’s a pet project by a cult favorite director with a good helping of nostalgia for an ’80s property. If he can somehow make the action of the new Chinese Downhill climax sequence as crazy as the vehicular mayhem of Fury Road, then I’ll believe that comparison.

Watch the trailer for the original followed by a clip of that movie’s Chinese Downhill sequence.

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