‘Hell No’ Trailer: The Sensible Horror Film (That Should Be A Real Movie)

By  · Published on October 16th, 2013

Hell No Trailer

Pop quiz: your friends invite you to a rundown cabin where a serial killer used to live, but it’s okay, because there are a dozen local newspaper stories about people being murdered there. Do you go?

Of course not.

Fortunately, we get to love horror movies because of total idiot sacrificial lambs who don’t know when to Nope the fuck out instead of becoming chainsaw fodder. This wondrous (and sadly fake) trailer from Joe Nicolosi seems dedicated to those morons. Of course, the best challenge of all would be to make a feature length horror film where the victims do nothing but make smart survival choices. Get on that, Nicolosi.

For the time being, this should hilariously suffice:

Fans of Zero Charisma will notice more than a few familiar faces, and SXSW goers might recognize the actress who also appears in this awesome bumper from Nicolosi, and everyone else will be left debating what that kid is doing at the end.

So, when can we see the full movie again?

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