Heath Ledger Immortalized As The Joker in Statue Form

Artist Kolby Jukes captures the spirit of Heath Ledger in this ten-inch statue that’ll look right at home on your desk or bookshelf. Assuming you still have room after the last Bat-blitz of merchandising.
By  · Published on April 3rd, 2008

Forget Batman, this time it’s all about The Joker. We all picked up our Batman action figures, cold-cast statues, busts, and PVC toys the last time around, right? So this time we can pick up all the ultra-cool Joker swag, starting with this incredibly badass Heath Ledger statue from The Dark Knight.

Sculpted by artist Kolby Jukes, this 10″ high statue features the Joker standing on a deck of oversized playing cards, arms spread wide in a “Come here and I’ll stab you, HEE HEE HEE” pose. Browsing through Jukes’ portfolio, it looks like he’s also sculpted a Heath Ledger Joker bust, as well as designed a 13″ figure as part of DC Direct’s 13″ action figure line. (I have the Green Lantern one, it rules).

If you want to see something really spooky, check out the computer models he made for the sculpture, featuring a bald Joker who looks a bit like Lex Luthor, and a 1:2 scale comic book Joker head he designed. Now that’s some creepy stuff. The Heath Ledger Joker Statue retails for $149.99, and can be ordered here.

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