Haunting Details About Polanski’s ‘Ghost’ Emerge

If the thought of Polanski making a political thriller doesn’t excite you, you might be dead. Which might get you cast in his political thriller if we’re guessing simply based on the name.
By  · Published on January 21st, 2009

Roman Polanski – forget the politics or the ethical questions about his character. The man can make a damned good film. Rosemary’s Baby, The Pianist, and – holy hell – Chinatown. To name a few. Sadly, the only thing that a lot of younger film fans know about the man is his rightfully despicable run ins on the wrong side of statutory laws. Luckily, he won’t be starring in his own remake of The Fugitive any time soon.

Aint It Cool got its paws on a press release with details about the Oscar-winner’s next project, The Ghost.

Instead of just reprinting the press release, which you can see if you really want to over at AICN, I’d like to offer some simple commentary in the form of this list of stars:

The story sounds fantastic though. It focuses on a former British Prime Minister (Brosnan) who is in pseudo-exile on an island near the eastern shore of the United States. While writing his memoirs, his assistant drowns (mysterious!) and a ghostwriter (McGregor) who gets brought on to finish the project finds himself drawn into a crazy world of sexual and geopolitical intrigue.

But, seriously, Jim Belushi? Kim Cattrall? I suppose someone has to get picked last in kickball…

The project, based off the novel by Robert Harris, starts filming near the start of February in Germany.

What do you think? Is the story enough to draw you in? Can you watch Polanski without remembering his past personal exploits? Did someone owe Jim Belushi a huge favor?

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