Happy Accidents: Bloopers So Good They Made the Final Cut

Don’t give Kurt Russell your antiques.
By  · Published on August 2nd, 2017

Don’t give Kurt Russell your antiques.

Hands down, bar none, the greatest side-effect of the DVD era is the blooper reel. Sure, they’re chuckle-inducing, but my favorite part is how they reveal the fluidity of filmmaking, how they show, in their small and comical way, the many unknown routes a film can take once it moves off the page and into the third dimension.

While most bloopers wind up on the cutting room floor, on occasion some can actually enhance a film, in terms of either plot or characterization, and so the director will opt to include them in the final product rather than excising them to include as a bonus feature. Like the time Kurt Russell smashed a real, $40,000 antique guitar in a scene of The Hateful Eight, or that time Leonardo DiCaprio almost lost a finger while filming Django Unchained.

In the following video from Looper, a handful of bloopers that made the final cut – and not just from Tarantino films – are catalogued and explained. Everything you’re about to see is a real, one-take mistake that became immortalized in film history. The reactions, too, are 100% authentic; you gotta see Jennifer Jason Leigh when Kurt starts swinging that six string.

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