The Halloween History Course: A Brief Background on Horror Movies

By  · Published on October 9th, 2017

Spookiest history lesson ever.

How much do you know about horror movies? Sure, there are the classics, put even more into the forefront of our cultural consciousness thanks to an ill-advised Dark Universe reboot. But the winding depth and specificity of horror, defining the fears of its people along geographic and cultural lines over time, makes it a difficult genre to definitely become an expert on.

Over time, religion fell in and out of fearful favor, supernatural elements became secondary to more realistic serial killers, and other niches emerged or were cut down. Simply knowing slashers or haunted house movies is just the tip of a gigantic, multi-faceted, and multicultural iceberg.

One Hundred Years of Cinema takes us decade by decade from the 1890s to now, tracking how we as people have changed (ok, not us specifically unless you are one of the ancient ones or a vampire) and how the movies highlighting our fears have adapted accordingly.

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