Guardians of the Galaxy Almost Had Another Strange Character. Here’s What He Would Have Looked Like.

By  · Published on April 2nd, 2015

In that early line-up of weirdos, the hulking figure on the far right is Lord Tantalus, a little-used, highly mysterious character that was in the earliest drafts of Guardians of the Galaxy. The storyboard image is from artist Tom Nelson, who’s crafted storyboards and other movie art for other Marvel projects, the Narnia series and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

It’s an awesome looking character, but it’s still unclear how he would have fit into the original plot puzzle. It’s also unclear why he was dropped, but it’s not hard to imagine that he may have been one character too many in a movie with a lot of new aliens to meet. This is pure speculation, but his backstory as an unscrupulous crusader may have also clashed with Ronan’s. Whatever the reason, he was cut, so now he’s a grimacing bit of trivia.

Sidenote: who else think’s that Groot looks like Pumpkinhead here?

Source: io9

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