Greg Mottola Collaborating with Campbell Scott for Potential Next Project

By  · Published on March 15th, 2012

After helping teenagers buy beer in Superbad and getting Seth Rogen to shove his voice into an alien’s body in Paul, Greg Mottola is getting his hands dirty with Aaron Sorkin for The Newsroom over at HBO, and he’s also working on the longest movie title in history for Brad Pitt and Natalie Portman. The writer/director recently described Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry as a “weird Charlie Kaufman experiment,” which sounds great (and means that title will probably have several other titles inside of it).

On top of all this, he told Kid In the Front Row that he’s been working with actor Campbell Scott (Roger Dodger, The Amazing Spider-Man) to craft a new script. There were literally no details beyond that, but it’s still exciting to see two excellent storytellers team up.

Plus, it seems like Mottola is really experimenting with his next projects which is absolutely exciting, although is there any doubt that his usual sense of nostalgia will burrow its way into all of it?

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