Grab Your Chainsaw, Load Your Boom Stick: Sam Raimi is Directing ‘Army of Darkness 2’

By  · Published on October 28th, 2013

While Fede Alvarez did a great job helming the 2013 Evil Dead remake, he apparently doesn’t have plans to touch the upcoming sequel to Army of Darkness. That honor will be left to Sam Raimi himself, as Alvarez has confirmed casually via twitter that Raimi is the director of Army of Darkness 2 like this wasn’t huge news or something.

This news, via Screen Rant, comes on the heels of last weeks terribly groovy revelation that Bruce Campbell would be involved with the project as an older, probably not wiser, but still ass-kicking Ash. As the original director of the franchise, Raimi can capture the gleefully horrific essence of the original – but this time around, he’s gets to work with such a bigger blood budget.

Though Alvarez isn’t directing this film, he isn’t completely uninvolved. Currently hard at work on Evil Dead 2, there are tentative plans to create a seventh, final crossover film after both are completed, combining both universes at last.

Ash and Mia? Together? With double the chainsaw hands? Take my money now. Granted, all of this is in the early development stages and nothing has been completely confirmed. Bruce Campbell has previously said that he will never say “no” to Sam Raimi, though, so let’s get the ball rolling.