‘Girls’ Season Three Preview: Is Hannah Really in the Best Place We’ve Seen Her?

By  · Published on November 22nd, 2013

We may still be a few months out (fine, less than two, but it sure feels longer) from the third season premiere of Lena Dunham’s Girls on HBO, but the series seems dedicated to keeping its fanbase involved by way of some offbeat (and surprisingly informative) teasers. We’ve already seen an all-stills look at the new season (which we wildly speculated about), and now we’re getting a GIF-friendly look at what we can expect to see in the lives (and complicated loves) of Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, and Zosia Mamet (and Adam Driver! of course also Adam Driver!).

BuzzFeed first revealed the new trailer (via an all-GIF preview that should round out your Girls Tumblr page quite nicely) earlier this week, and now the actual trailer is online for our enjoyment (via ScreenCrush). It’s not a traditional trailer for the show by any means, but it does feature some very interesting commentary about what we can expect from this new season. Let’s take a look and see what the future holds for our four favorite gals (and Adam!):

Dunham isn’t afraid to reveal some big info here – like when the season starts, Hannah (Dunham) and Adam (Driver) are in a relationship. And they look happy. What. And that’s not all! Hannah sounds like she’s actually managed to turn into a successful(ish) human being, joining her success in love with getting back on track with her book editor. As Dunham puts it, she’s in “the best place” we’ve ever seen from our leading lady.

This will, of course, not last. No, really, even Dunham says, “that can’t last.” Let’s just enjoy Hannah’s happiness for now, only bracing ourselves for the inevitable crash. Knowing Hannah’s crash pattern, however, that means we’re probably due for the worst one yet. Please, no more Q-Tips.

Elsewhere, Kirke promises that her Jessa will still be “kicking up dust” while also maybe making some big strides to figure out just who she is. Of all our Girls girls, it certainly seems as if Jessa is the one most dedicated (if privately) to really understanding who she is and what she wants (even if she sometimes confuses that with wanting someone). Marnie (Williams) is reeling from the sudden loss of her newly-reinstated boyfriend Charlie (Christopher Abbott, who abruptly left the show, prompting the break up) in a way that Williams describes as “manically grieving.” It doesn’t help that her career is all but nonexistent, and she’s stuck working at Ray’s coffee shops, as the former loser is now something of “a coffee impresario.”

In perhaps the funniest reveal of the entire preview, Dunham informs fans that Ray’s popular shop only employs the most depressed girls in Brooklyn. If you thought Girls wasn’t self-aware, well, you were wrong.

But what of our hair-bunned Shosh (Mamet)? Looks our little Shoshanna is going the traditional route – boning everyone in sight. This will not work out well.

Oh, and Elijah (Andrew Rannells) is back. But you knew that already. (He is, after all, set for a regular role in the fourth season.)

There’s plenty of other stuff we already know about Girls that’s not in this new trailer, like that we’ll be getting an expanded season of twelve whole episodes, and as ScreenCrush reminds, one of those episodes will feature someone going to rehab. There are also a mess of guest stars to look forward to, including Michael Zegen, Danielle Brooks, Richard E. Grant, Gaby Hoffmann, Sarah Steele, and Amir Arison.

Girls kicks off its third season on HBO on Sunday, January 12th.

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