A Girl Grapples With Humanity In Porcine ‘Varken’

By  · Published on October 13th, 2017

Unemployment could make anyone feel like a pig. But literally?

Feeling low is a commonly-explored instigator of plots across media, but analyzing that psychology on screen is always difficult and interesting. How do we picture it, embody it in actors and setting? Maybe by making the main character think she’s actually a pig. Really.

Varken, a goofy yet clever short by Rory Bentley, explores economic angst in a much more pleasant and creative way than the racism to which some ascribe the goings-on in much of 2017. This unemployment causes self-doubt on a much more fundamental level. Perhaps what it is to be human is too much in this day and age. Either way, the film is gross, hilarious, and tightly put together.

A great cast and crisp production has this no-frills short making us happier than a pig in…well, happier than a gainfully employed pig, how’s that?

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