George Lucas Returns To His ‘Star Wars’ Teats For 3D Release In 2012

By  · Published on September 29th, 2010

I’m guessing George Lucas’ alimony payments are incredibly high, because I really can’t think of another reason why a filmmaker with integrity would re-re-release six movies into theaters yet again. Especially when only two of them are really any good.

Per Heat Vision, Lucas has confirmed news that everyone has already suspected for quite some time. The only difference now is he’s specifying an actual date. Roughly speaking anyway. All six films are going to be converted to 3D for a theatrical release.

Part one, The Phantom Menace, would be first out of star-dock in the early months of 2012. After that, each of the films would be released in order at the same time each consecutive year, depending on how well the first re-release does.”

Lucas has apparently been biding his time watching the popularity of 3D grow both in theaters and in homes, and while it’s not a direct quote the post does attribute something slightly confusing to Lucas’ flannel tongue.

Lucas has said that the Avatar experience convinced him that Star Wars was ready for the state-of-the-art 3D treatment.”

What does that even mean? Avatar was filmed in 3D with 3D cameras. The Star Wars films were not. We’ve all seen major differences between films shot in 3D and films that have been post converted. There’s nothing comparable in regards to the 3D look betwe – –

Oh, wait. By “Avatar experience” Lucas meant Avatar’s box-office didn’t he. Now it makes sense. You may commence milking those Tauntaun breasteses…

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