Game of Thrones: The Best Moments of ‘The Long Night’

‘The Long Night’ was dark and full of terrors, but these moments were bright spots for ‘Game of Thrones.’
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By  · Published on April 30th, 2019

Farewell, Jorah Mormont

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Jorah’s dream in life was pretty much to sacrifice himself for Daenerys and die in her arms, and so he did. Bucket list completed. Jorah’s been with us since the very first episode, so seeing him go was rough, but his final moments were also quite probably the happiest of his life, so there’s that. A less expected blow was that saying goodbye to Jorah meant saying goodbye to House Mormont, and oof, that’s a blow right in the feelings.

Arya Kills the Night King

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Arya’s character arc has literally been eight seasons of saying “not today” to death, so in retrospect, it’s hardly surprising that she would be the one to take out the Night King, a.k.a. death personified. While seeing Arya do her thing was incredibly satisfying, it did feel like they missed a giant opportunity to have Jon Snow—or literally anyone else besides Bran Stark, who has -5 storytelling skills—witness her badassery. Still, “Arya Stark, the savior of the Seven Kingdoms” is my song, and I am here for it.

Melisandre Drops the Mic

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Okay, the #1 mic drop moment in Game of Thrones will always be Olenna Tyrell’s “Tell Cersei” moment. Yes, there are three episodes still left in the series, but there are just certain moments that cannot be outdone, and that was one of them. Still, Melisandre walking off into the snow at the break of dawn and finally calling it quits was pretty cool. A little anticlimactic if I’m going to be entirely honest—seems a little unfair that Arya and Davos got some closure with her when poor Gendry didn’t—but still, a pretty cool scene.

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