Game of Thrones: The Best Moments of ‘The Long Night’

‘The Long Night’ was dark and full of terrors, but these moments were bright spots for ‘Game of Thrones.’
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By  · Published on April 30th, 2019

Jon Charges at the Night King

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Jon Snow is very tired. He literally doesn’t even know what his name is anymore and looks like he just wants to take a very long nap, waking up optional. Still, even as he appeared about ready to keel over, Jon kept fighting the good fight despite barely having the strength to so much as lift a sword, charging at the Night King as the dead rose all around him. Jon had definite ups and downs this episode—screaming at an undead dragon as if that might actually accomplish something was a definite low point—but at this moment, Jon was pretty badass. Even if, as far as defeating the Night King was concerned, he ended up being a giant red herring.

Tyrion and Sansa Have a Moment

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The former spouses already reunited in the season premiere in a scene that, in all honesty, felt a little like an ending, but their moment of connection in the undead-corpse ridden crypt suggests that maybe there’s more to Tyrion and Sansa’s story yet to come, and their “maybe we should have stayed married”/”you were the best of them” exchange was easily one of the best conversations in the whole episode. Only time will tell what the remainder of season 8 will bring for Sansa and Tyrion (and just how Daenerys might feel about the whole thing…), but I am always here for a good hand kiss.

Theon Greyjoy’s Last Stand

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If there was one guarantee going into the episode, it was that Theon Greyjoy was going to complete his redemption arc by dying protecting Bran Stark from the Night King. And so he did. But did the predictability make his last stand any less dramatically effective? “Theon, you’re a good man. Thank you.” I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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