Fund These Films: Travel Through Time With Makers of Superman and Wolverine Movies

By  · Published on June 8th, 2013

Maybe it’s a coincidence, or maybe it’s something in the alignment of the planets, or maybe someone is actually traveling through time in order to ensure that the latest Fund This Film column spotlights two fortuitously headlined crowdfunding projects. As you’re probably aware, this summer we’re getting a new Superman movie (Man of Steel) and a new Wolverine movie (The Wolverine). What you’re probably not aware of at all, though, is that you also have an opportunity now to help out two new time travel films involving the theme of second chances that have nothing whatsoever to do with those two new superhero blockbusters.

So why do I mention them if there’s no real link? Because there is still an interesting connection. One of the crowdfunding projects stars Sarah Douglas (pictured above), who played the villainess Ursa in Superman and Superman II. The other project is by the Swedish duo behind the short “X-Men” fan film Logan, which we shared back in December. Am I reaching again? A little bit, but that’s how you get attention for little works that would otherwise be overlooked. And to be fair, the makers of each project are surely expecting people who enjoy comic book movies to be interested in their new film. That’s why you cast Douglas in something, isn’t it? And why you get your foot in the door with a well-circulated short about Wolverine?

The Douglas project is a feature titled Displacement, and it’s going through Indiegogo for a flexible campaign in an attempt to get any bit of its $179,000 goal that’s pledged by July 1st. The production actually already has more than $200,000 in funding along with a sales agent working on distribution, so this is something that is getting made either way. In fact, shooting has already begun with Douglas, young actress Courtney Hope (Prowl) and male lead Christopher Backus (Elevator). At the helm is Carnivore co-director Kenneth Mader, who also wrote the script, which involves a murder mystery and quantum entanglement and which is described as being like Memento meets Primer “with a dash of Fringe thrown in for fun.” Here’s the lengthy campaign video:

As for the other project, it’s another short film from André Hedetoft and Andreas Climent. Titled Double Trouble and said to be inspired by ’80s movies like Back to the Future and Raiders of the Lost Ark, it will be about a guy who uses a magic pocket watch to travel back in time for a second chance with the girl of his dreams, only he has to fight his old self for her, too (unlike BTTF2’s duplication effects, they’ve cast twins in the main role). They want it to look like a Wes Anderson movie or Amelie and have a score reminiscent of John Williams and Alan Silvestri. Seems like this will be a lot of fun, especially after watching the duo’s Pixel Film Festival bumper, which features its own BTTF homage alongside dinosaurs and zombies. Also, their campaign video at Kickstarter (where their goal is just $2,500) is pretty clever:

Do you want to see these films? Enough to help fund it?

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