‘Free Samples’ Trailer: Jesse Eisenberg Wants Some Good Stuff From Jess Weixler

By  · Published on April 30th, 2013

If you’ve somehow avoided the charms of actress Jess Weixler thus far, this first trailer for Jay Gammill’s Free Samples may grate on your nerves. Who is this flighty chick fucking up something as simple as giving out free samples of ice cream from a truck? Who is this young lass breaking Jesse Eisenberg’s heart? Who drops out of law school to be a loser? Why should I care?

You should care precisely because it’s Weixler who is playing shiftless leading lady Jillian as said law-school-drop-out-ice-cream-loser and she is nothing short of consistently wonderful throughout her myriad indie roles. From The Lie to Peter and Vandy to Teeth (yup, that’s her!), Weixler is the best thing about every film she’s ever starred in, so if she’s headlining a lo-fi outing about ice cream shilling and deferred dreams, we’re sold. No wonder Eisenberg wants to get into “the good stuff” with her.

Do you want chocolate or vanilla? Decide while watching the first trailer for Free Samples, after the break.

Free Samples will open in limited release on May 31st.