‘Free Birds’ Trailer: Talking Turkeys Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson Implore You to ‘Hold on to…

By  · Published on September 27th, 2013

‘Free Birds’ Trailer: Talking Turkeys Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson Implore You to ‘Hold on to Your Nuggets’

If you were growing sick and tired of watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving every November, Relativity’s got your back with Free Birds, the animated Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson-voiced turkey caper filling the Thanksgiving film void we didn’t know was empty. Nothing says “gather around the table with friends and loved ones” like “animated birds facing their own mortality.”

Reggie (Wilson) is a happy turkey who was pardoned by the President and now lives at Camp David, eating pizza and watching TV. He’s even got a lady-turkey (Amy Poehler). Jake (Harrelson) comes from the Turkey Freedom Front, a radical group fighting for freedom from the dinner table. The two team up to find a time machine in a government lab to take back to the first Thanksgiving so they can stop turkey from getting on the menu altogether.

Now, I know they’re simple birds, but if they’re smart enough to master the concept of time travel shouldn’t they understand the biggest rule – don’t mess with anything in the past?! Thanksgiving has never really been seen as an action-packed holiday, so maybe this film is the rebranding effort it needs to get in line with the Independence Days and the New Years Eves? Having talking birds high-five and run from explosions while Carly Rae Jepson plays in the background is a surefire way to get kids in the theater, though, so kudos to the studio for this trailer. That tagline though – “Hold on to your nuggets!” Haha, it’s a joke about testicles on a kids’ movie poster. Get it? Check out the trailer below:

Free Birds is in theaters November 1st.