Finding Identity in ‘The Lego Movie’

It’s about community.
By  · Published on September 21st, 2017

It’s about community.

While The Lego Movie is undoubtedly a great advertisement for the toys themselves, it’s so much more than a ploy to get people to part with their bucks. In addition to being hilarious, heartfelt, and an outstanding technical achievement, the film is also a smart commentary on various subjects.

Capitalism, copyright laws, and the power of government and the media are just a few of the themes that theorists have interpreted since the movie was released in 2014. However, while those external themes are present, The Lego Movie also boasts ideas connected to us as individuals living within communities.

Editor What’s So Great About That? examines what the film has to say about human identity and the societal roles we accept to make our lives as simple as possible — even if we just want to break free of the norm sometimes.

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