Finally, a U.S. Trailer for ‘London Boulevard’

By  · Published on October 18th, 2011

Finally, a U.S. Trailer for ‘London Boulevard’

Almost a year ago we got our first glimpse of William Monahan’s (the writer behind The Departed and Kingdom of Heaven) directorial debut, London Boulevard, but it’s unfortunately taken a while for it to open in the states. Originally the film was going to be released by FilmDistrict, then not too long ago IFC took over distribution.

While the British gangster pic wasn’t greeted with the best response, I happen to like Monahan’s debut a whole lot.

This trailer, which is fairly similar to the U.K. one, is well representative. It sells the slickness and cool factor just right, where the film works best. The film isn’t as grand or as epic as The Departed, but it’s a smooth and clever directorial about a gangster trying not to be a gangster.

And, yes, Ray Winstone is as fun as he looks in this trailer.

London Boulevard is now VOD and opens in limited release on November 11th.

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