Finally, A Movie Shot Entirely On a Toyota Prius Backup Camera

By  · Published on January 14th, 2016

Today was almost a day in which we’d be talking about filmmakers taking bold steps with camera technology. Had Sean Baker’s Tangerine, which was shot on iPhones, received some Academy Award consideration, it would have broken a new barrier. But you know, The Academy has diversity issues.

Last week, Mad Max director George Miller mentioned in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that he’d like to shoot something on the iPhone. “I seriously would love to do something on the iPhone,” he said. “It’s really an interesting exercise. It’s so available now, if you have something to say. It won’t be on an iPhone, but it’s leaning in that direction.”

All over, filmmakers are looking for new and inventive ways to capture moments. And with the proliferation of digital video technology, this is becoming easier and easier. So how does one stand out when even Oscar-nominated filmmakers are thinking about shooting their next project on an iPhone?

You use the backup camera on a Toyota Prius.

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Don’t laugh. This is completely serious.

Okay fine, it’s not even remotely serious. But this parody video from Andrew Heder and Ryan Kelly isn’t entirely ridiculous when we consider the numerous ways in which films are created these days. Do I think that someday a filmmaker will employ the use of a Toyota Prius backup camera? Dear lord, I hope not. But weirder things have happened. What the video nails is the self-assured way a filmmaker might describe such an endeavor. It’s satire of the completely committed, self-serious artisté above all else.

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