Final Cuts: The Best of The 2013 Retrospective Movie Mash-Ups

By  · Published on December 16th, 2013

What are the significant movie moments of 2013? Thanks to the Internet and its denizens, that is never a tough question for very long. Over the past few years, the rise of independent editors cutting together clip shows has grown into its own industry. Mash-ups, supercuts, megacuts, recuts, retellings, these are the evolved fan fiction of the Internet generation. Like magazine clippings spread across a vast bedroom floor, these moments can be assembled to humbly remind us of a great year of cinema. 2013 was that kind of year, worthy of sweeping soundtracks and the largest screens available.

As part of our annual Year in Review, we’d like to share the best of the 2013 retrospective movie mash-ups. From faces familiar and new, each one of these clip shows capture the spirit of 2013 at the movies. Hundreds of hours went into their creation to give us a few minutes of recaptured joy. So sit back, relax and relish in the year that was with some of the web’s most talented mix-masters.

The Sleepy Skunk:

Nick Bosworth for JoBlo:

Miguel Branco’s Cinefile 2013:

David Ehrlich of

Gen Ip’s Filmography 2013:

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