Fantastic ‘Dunkirk’ Fan-Edits Show The Film In New Light

Dunkirk in real-time and as a B&W silent film showcase new visions. 
By  · Published on January 2nd, 2018

Dunkirk in real-time and as a B&W silent film showcase new visions.

Although Dunkirk was just released on home video a few days ago, the internet has already taken liberties on Christopher Nolan’s epic war film. Given the quality of the footage and the format of the film, it just screams to be manipulated. These are but two edits of Dunkirk, which will most likely be tempered with much more given its profile.

Video Essayist Nelson Carvajal was frustrated by Nolan’s usage of nonlinear storytelling. Outside of the amazing visuals, the way the movie flows together is the trademark of not only Nolan but perhaps how Dunkirk will always be remembered. The story operates on three storylines that each operate on different lengths of time. The first story lasted over the course of one week, the second over the course of one hellish day, and finally one that only lasted an hour.

Nelson Carvajal made an experiment that took all three timelines and presented them in frames next to each other on screen. He said he got the idea from Mike Figgis’ design of the 2000 film Timecode. This allows the viewer to see everything that is going on while Tom Hardy’s pilot is flying through the skies above Dunkirk.

This video arguably takes on of Dunkirk‘s most recognizable elements and throws it away, but if keeping track of the timeline was a determent to your enjoyment of the picture it is a neat experiment.

The next video comes from Video Essayist Tom van der Linden, aka Like Stories of Old. Using one of the strengths of Dunkirk, he took the memorable cinematography from Hoyte Van Hoytema and transformed it into a B&W silent feature. It’s almost like watching one of those old-time newsreels that played before films during the 1940s.

This is only the beginning of how fans will reimagine Christopher Nolan’s war film.

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