F. Gary Gray to Spend His ‘Last Days of American Crime’ With Sam Worthington

By  · Published on May 9th, 2011

Interesting timing on this one. Deadline Hubbertsville is reporting that F. Gary Gray will be directing The Last Days of American Crime with Sam Worthington starring. The story focuses on a second major terrorist attack in the sci-fi future where the America of the day responds with Orwellian measures. Namely, ridding the citizens of their drive to commit crime. Worthington will play a thief in for one last big job before his brain gets scrambled into being good.

This, of course, seems fascinating coming off the heels of our killing the most wanted terrorist on the planet, but it also seems a little strange. The bare-bones synopsis seems to hint that the bulk of the story will take place in the week leading up to the criminal impulse being shut down (so we can get some Ocean’s style heisting from Worthington), so it’s unclear whether they’ll play around with the ethical problems that arise (or the fact that not all crime is committed by the mustache-twirling gene). Gray’s Law Abiding Citizen dipped its toe into the moral waters but never dove in, and while this sounds like a decent premise, it seems like exploring what happens after the signal is interrupted might be even more fascinating.

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