Experience ‘The Horse in Motion’ From Inside the Zoopraxiscope

You know the GIF, now explore the zoetrope.
horse in motion
By  · Published on November 28th, 2017

Eadweard Muybridge was far more than a crazy name. He was one of the first motion picture pioneers, one that invented the first commercial movie theater, and inspiration to Thomas Edison. All from taking pictures of horses to settle a bet.

That horse, and those pictures, are now viewable in Colin Ryan Warner’s 360-degree video of The Horse in Motion. You can watch as these pictures are rotated around on a digital zoetrope, spinning around in 15 frames per second.

There is no better explanation for the fundamentals of film than watching pictures (frames) become motion as the rotate around you on an invisible sphere. Thanks to the 360-degree technology, you can move your point-of-view around as the pictures ramp up speed, experiencing the phenomenon at your own pace as it reaches the peak speed of 720-degrees (2 full rotations) per second. The groundbreaking study into the illusion of movement is now as tangible as it was back in 1878.

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