Exclusive: Shane Carruth Will Invent a New Banking System For His Next Movie

By  · Published on March 13th, 2013

It took far too much time for Shane Carruth to make his followup to Primer. The near-decade wait for his second feature didn’t come from laziness, since Carruth spent time working on an expensive project that next took off, and which I foolishly didn’t ask about. Fortunately, Carruth wanted to talk about where he’ll go after Upstream Color, a movie that lives up to the hype.

While speaking with Shane Carruth at Southwest by Southwest, he gave us an insight into his mindset for his third movie.

“In this new story I’m writing, it deals with a lot of stuff. But it has large sums of money have to be transferred in a way that…I sort of refuse to let it be the thing where somebody is at a computer terminal typing away and we’re meant to care. And so, because of that and because of 10 other reasons, I’m developing a fake form of finance, of bank transfers. It’s just different and it involves a big room and a clearinghouse and people that have to walk around with certain bits of paper and get time stamping. It’s a whole process. And that sounds horrible and boring, but I really think in the film itself it’s going to be really compelling and it won’t be somebody sitting at a computer terminal.”

That doesn’t sound boring at all. It’ll be nice to see a movie that deals with computers and finance where a director is making his own rules, making it okay if he continues to not give us the usual exposition we don’t see from his movies. We’re not sure how far along his third film is, but it’s good to hear he has another story to tell.

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