Exclusive: Josh Peck Tied to ‘Hearts of Men’

The star of The Wackness might be celebrating the music of Tupac and mourning the tragedy of gang life if Hearts of Men gets off the ground.
By  · Published on January 7th, 2009

Yesterday I got a chance to speak with Josh Peck, an actor who has somehow managed to play lazy pot heads and straight up drug dealers while nurturing a strong Nickelodeon career being goofy to the delight of the tween crowd. Earlier this year, he impressed several members of the FSR staff, especially Neil, with his performance in The Wackness. Now, it seems he might get a chance to explore the back streets of a different city.

According to Peck, he’s involved in a project that he’s passionate about seeing through called Hearts of Men.

It’s a movie I read a year ago and fell in love with about three cats – one’s a white boy…, one’s a black gang member, one’s a latino. They all witness the latino’s brother’s murder…The thing that draws them together is that they are all in love with Tupac and his music.

Peck went on to explain that Tupac’s music is used as the narrator, as a sort of thematic framing device.

I can only assume Tupac will record some fresh material for the project which makes it that much more exciting. Get it? Because he faked his death and puts out a new record every year.

There’s very little information out there about the project, but the basics sounds pretty interesting. It’s obviously not high-concept, so the quality would rest solely on execution, but if it’s anywhere near the same breed as The Wackness, it’ll definitely be something to look out for.

So that’s what we’ll be doing. Keeping an eye out for it and letting you guys know the scoop as it develops.

In the meantime, you should keep an eye out for my full interview with Peck which should be appearing on the site as soon as I discover the best way to claim that Sir Ben Kingsley bogarts weed without being sued for libel.

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