Exclusive! The Wild and Violent ’68 Kill’ Gets a Stylish New Poster

Check out an exclusive new poster for the energetically deranged 68 Kill!
By  · Published on July 19th, 2017

Check out an exclusive new poster for the energetically deranged 68 Kill!

68 Kill is a movie about love, the pursuit of happiness, and the various types and degrees of violence that can be inflicted towards a human body. There are laughs and moments of utter absurdity, but at its core the film is interested in exploring the lengths some people will go to achieve their dreams. It shouldn’t surprise you that their journey includes more than a few detours into nightmares.

The film stars Matthew Gray Gubler and AnnaLynn McCord as a young couple deep in love and even deeper in debt to lives and jobs they hate. They perk up at a possible answer to their problems in the form of $68k, but the treasure isn’t an easy one to acquire leading to run-ins with people with darker, crueler hearts and the chance that they’ll be losing their own currently shitty lives.

Our William Dass spoke with writer/director Trent Haaga and members of the cast for its SXSW debut, and it’s a talk well worth reading. As 68 Kill continues its festival screenings in the run up to next months’s release we’re proud to reveal a new alternate poster teasing both the style and violence that the film has to offer.

68 Kill opens August 4th, 2017.

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