The Evolution of Chris Pratt

A video appreciation of the action star we’ve always deserved.
By  · Published on May 23rd, 2017

A video appreciation of the action star we’ve always deserved.

Chris Pratt isn’t just the action star we need right now, he’s the action star we’ve always deserved. His characters have down-home charm in equal measure with good-natured braggadocio, they are as strong as they are vulnerable, capable as they are aloof, and dramatic as they are comedic. His swagger stumbles on occasion in the most likable of ways, and his weaknesses are a virtue for their ability to highlight his overwhelming humanity. He’s also, as I’m told by my wife, frequently, quite easy on the eyes. You add all that up, and what you get is a template for a prototypical A-list action star; but Pratt is more than prototypical.

Because he’s also a good man off-screen, one of faith who avoids the trappings and pitfalls of celebrity despite being one of the biggest movie stars on the planet. He’s a humble family man, and a man who wears his gratitude for his fortunes on his sleeve right next to his heart. He’s your neighbor, your buddy, your brother, your son, your dream boyfriend or BFF, an everyman we can all relate to, and a kind of success we can all aspire too: one that doesn’t overtake your best qualities, rather one that amplifies them.

Am I being hyperbolic and a tad bit heavy-handed? Probably, but Chris Pratt is a rarity, the kind of movie star that doesn’t come along just once in a blue moon, but once in a lifetime – a movie star whose success isn’t just a blessing to the industry, but to the community around him. I live in Washington State, where Pratt grew up, and when I hear about him on the local news, 9 ½ times out of 10 it isn’t about a movie he’s in, it’s about some way in which he has reached out with his time and/or resources to someone in need. In an era where we celebrate culture and those who craft it probably a little more than we should, it’s comforting to me at least to know that there’s someone in the spotlight willing to deflect it to worthier things.

This extreme likeability is what has made Pratt’s rise to superstardom so meteoric. From his first big role on the TV series Everwood to a third-tier supporting role on the first season of Parks and Rec that became a vital cog in one of the greatest comedy ensembles ever by series’ end, to his staggering big-screen success – which is still in its infant stages – we’ve cheered him on every step of the way not just because he’s good at his job and fun to watch, but because we legitimately want him to do well, we want him to win, it just feels like a good thing for everybody.

All this to say, watching the following supercut from Burger Fiction on Pratt’s evolution to now is like watching the highlight reel of the first act of a great American success story, and better yet, one that’s deserved.

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