Everybody Eats with The Deer Squad

By  · Published on January 18th, 2017

Short of the Day

The dopest doc ever about being homies with a deer.

About a year or so ago, a teenager named Kelvin was kicking it in his back yard shooting some hoops, when lo and behold he discovered a deer with big ol’ antlers kicking it back there too. Naturally, he gave it a name – “Money,” because Kelvin loves money and he loves the deer – and made it his homie. Over the series of the next couple of months, Kelvin recorded himself and his human friends feeding Money and his family (Lola, BM, Money Jr, Bambi, Canela, and Tequila) a variety of food including crackers and powdered donuts, then eventually organic corn and fruits, and posted his videos all over social media where they went instantly viral, catapulting Kelvin’s follower numbers from 1,500 to 150,000 overnight.

So of course, someone had to make a doc about this baller and his cervine crew.

Matt Larsen and Kenneth Gug are the someones in question, and their resulting short, Deer Squad, is – to put it quite bluntly – the best, most entertaining four-and-a-half minutes I’ve seen in a long, long, long time. Kelvin’s love for the deer is only trumped by his effervescent personality and charm, and when you put it all together you get a film that is sweet, hilarious, endearing, dope AF and strangely hopeful. I watched it three times in a row, and I’m probably going to watch it at least one more time after I finish typing this.

In all sincerity, Deer Squad deserves your attention and will reward it practically every second of its runtime. The film is headed to Sundance tomorrow (yo FSR correspondents, somebody grab me Deer Squad swag!) where I have every confidence, or at least every hope, that it will be recognized as the unique and compassionate slice of Americana that it is. I would totally hang with Kelvin and his crew, sipping on some Martinelli and tossing grapes to Money and his brood, and I promise you five minutes from now you’re going to feel the same way.

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