Enjoy: Mondo’s Pop-Art Scott Pilgrim Poster

By  · Published on August 12th, 2010

Oh, that Mondo Tees. They might as well have all the security codes to my bank account and an automatic standing order for every single product they release.

The latest in their line of geek brilliance is a gorgeous poster for Scott Pilgrim vs The World from artist Martin Ansin – who’s toned down his glossy palette this go ‘round to create something Andy Warhol and Frank Miller’s abandoned love child might have had up on his entertainment room wall.

Leave it to Martin Ansin to make Michael Cera look like an unflinching bad ass.

Clicking on the poster makes it even larger.

The poster is an exclusive made for the special Fantastic Fest/AICN screening of the film taking place in Austin this very evening. However, non-Austin fans will be able to scope out the second version of the poster and buy one for themselves over at Mondo Tees starting Friday (the 13th).

If they run out before you get a chance (or even if you manage to snag one), head on over to Ansin’s website to bathe your eyeballs in artistic glory. You have been looking for a gorgeous alternative Night Porter poster, haven’t you?


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