‘Enemy’ Teaser Trailer: Come for the Jake Gyllenhaal, Stay for the Somber Teeth Brushing

By  · Published on September 22nd, 2013

I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to watch Jake Gyllenhaal go through his daily routine. To see him use public transportation and brush his teeth and peruse nondescript work papers. And now, with the first teaser for Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy, all my dreams have come true. Check it out just after the jump.

What’s so odd about this is that Enemy has a simple hook that would lend itself quite well for a teaser trailer. Gyllenhaal’s character spots a man who is his exact double, and embarks on a quest to find out exactly who this doppelganger is. There’s also a giant spider in the mix somewhere, at least according to the poster (which can be seen below). Yet out of all this madness comes a trailer that does little besides establish Gyllenhaal’s character as someone vaguely distrustful of all he sees. Even for the slower, more somber art films of the world, trailers still have a purpose- to sell the movie. And right now, its everything but the trailer- the poster, the strong reviews from TIFF, Jake Gyllenhaal’s proud, bushy beard- that make me want to see Enemy.

But if this trailer sparked some fire within you, go check out Prisoners (and check out our review here. Same director (Villeneuve), same lead actor (Gyllenhaal). All it’s missing is a bristly beard and a toothbrush or two.

(via The Playlist)