Ellison Hires Ellison For New ‘Terminator’ Movie

By  · Published on December 4th, 2012

Ellison Hires Ellison For New ‘Terminator’ Movie

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard about any forward momentum for the Terminator franchise, and maybe that’s for the best. A healthy distance from Terminator: Salvation can be a good thing. Now, Deadline Hollywood is reporting that movement has started again as producer Megan Ellison has tapped her brother David Ellison to work on the next installment in the franchise.

Her Annapurna Pictures was always an odd halfway home for the property, although she’s earned a lot of goodwill as the backer of art house flicks aplenty. His Skydance Pictures getting involved is a shrewd move because it has a lot of experience in big budget, blockbuster filmmaking, and it has a production deal with Paramount. That major studio could become a great ally in this process; even though there’s no deal involving it yet, both Ellisons would be wise to go to Paramount for distribution at the very least.

So, let’s consider this “earned nepotism.” It isn’t like Megan is hiring a plumber cousin to produce one of the most beloved franchises of the past half-century; she’s partnering with a seasoned producer that could certainly push something through. Let’s just hope he doesn’t look to his connection with Tom Cruise to do so. Unless he can prove that he can lift a coffin. Then it might work.

The bottom line? There’s a good chance we could see a new Terminator movie in or by 2015.


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