Elijah Wood Tries to Save Sasha Grey From a Disembodied Voice in the ‘Open Windows’ Trailer

By  · Published on September 13th, 2013

Open Windows

Were you such a fan of the Ethan Hawke/Selena Gomez instant classic Getaway that you have to see it again, only you’d like to see it kind of modified? Have I got a treat for you. Sit down for Nacho Vigalondo’s Open Windows, a puzzling thriller that replaces the car with a webcam, Hawke for Elijah Wood, and the disembodied voice with…another disembodied voice.

Wood stars as the creepy but well-meaning fanboy/webmaster of a website dedicated to what looks like paparazzi shots of his favorite actress, Jill Godard (Sasha Grey). Without any prompting (RED FLAG), a Disembodied Voice gives him a code for a secret webcam pointed on Jill. Thanks, buddy! You know the drill, though; if Wood doesn’t do what he says, Jill dies. After a lot of furious typing and nineties hacking technology streaming across the screen, because he’s a computer genius, the trailer devolves into some kind of action-y mess.

Check out the trailer for yourself after the break.

From that first explosion in the hotel room, it officially doesn’t really make sense any more, so let’s not bother trying. Does Wood crash into a police car at some point and then reluctantly taser a guy? It’s like if your Geek Squad repairman tried to helm an action movie.

There is no U.S. release date for Open Windows at this time, but I will be waiting with bated breath. [The Playlist]