‘Eastbound and Down’ Gets a Fourth Season, But What Does That Mean for a Possible Movie?

By  · Published on July 4th, 2012

Eastbound and Down ended on the perfect note last season. Whether there would be a fourth season was still up in the air, but Jody Hill and company gave their series a sense of closure. Unlike that cheap slap in the face Entourage gave to its fans ‐ “It may not really be over because of that silly movie idea, but it might be!” ‐ Kenny Powers’ arc and the show itself felt completed.

However, apparently HBO disagrees, considering that they’ve recently ordered a fourth season.

Before this (good?) news, all the talent involved had already acknowledged the strong possibility of going beyond their initial plans of a three season show. When Hill spoke to us about the third season, he told us just that, “You know, we only saw it as three seasons, but who’s to say?” Since Kenny Powers is a character who isn’t capable of growing beyond his stunted growth, there’s definitely room for more lessons not to be learned by Kenny Powers. And, with the news that we’ll be getting more Powers on our televisions, it looks like we can’t count out a possible Eastbound and Down movie. That is, if the show actually ever ends. [Variety]

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