Dr. Strange Might Do Magic with Pixar

By  · Published on September 9th, 2010

The Marvel train is still rolling with Dr. Strange in the hopes of taking a C-level comic book and turning it into another hit. The tees aren’t crossed yet on any real deal, but the possibility that the magical man might end up at Pixar is still out there. The most recent sign ‐ an interview with comic artist Brendan McCarthy saying, “I was over in Hollywood earlier this year mooching about, and I had a meeting at Disney and the conversation drifted around to Pixar animating a Dr. Strange movie.”

It’s nothing set in stone, but putting the Pixar name behind the hero would definitely give him a popularity boost. On the other hand, taken on something out of their wheelhouse might hobble Pixar in a way. A Marvel fantasy hero doesn’t exactly fit into their body of work. They’ve seen an old man hit a construction worker and a batch of toys almost come to a violent death, but are they ready to take on a neurosurgeon learning black magic in the Himalayas? And does the world really want him animated? [Cinema Blend]

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