‘Down and Dangerous’ Trailer is a Crowdfunded Cocaine Thriller

By  · Published on February 12th, 2013

Haven’t heard of Down and Dangerous? You’re not alone. It features no big name stars (except Judd Nelson!), doesn’t come from an established director and hasn’t been anywhere near a studio, but the action thriller from Zak Forsman scored $38k through a slick KickStarter campaign (I hear they even auctioned off the C in the director’s first name). It was his pitch video that impressed then, and it’s the production’s trailer that impresses this time around.

The plot focuses on an incredibly crafty cocaine smuggler (John T. Woods) stuck between the Feds, violent traffickers and a beautiful woman. No ground broken there, but the film comes directly from Forsman’s father’s experiences as a cocaine smuggler in the 1970s.

Plus, the trailer is high quality in just about every regard, including its levels of Judd Nelson-ness:

Why, it’s a veritable lesson in the cocaine trade.

Down and Dangerous will hit the Phoenix Film Festival but you can check the movie’s official website for more information about festival touring and potential releases.

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