Does This ‘Kamui: The Lone Ninja’ Trailer Make A Case As The Best Ninja Movie Ever Made?

By  · Published on July 9th, 2010

Tony Rayns says Kamui: The Last Ninja is “probably the best ninja movie ever made.” Now I haven’t seen this flick yet, and I absolutely abhor such blatant hyperbole, but I find it hard to believe it’s better than Sho Kosugi’s Revenge Of the Ninja. I’ll reserve judgment until I see it of course, and while I don’t know who Mr. Rayns is a quick Google search has informed me that he knows a little bit about Asian cinema.

That said, the trailer makes a strong case for it being the best of something. Check it out right after the jump.Trailer:

Looks pretty average at first doesn’t it? Competently shot, seemingly well choreographed action, hot Japanese woman wielding a knife, some unfortunate CGI blood… then BAM! A Great White shark leaps from the water and is shot in mid air with a bow and arrow! So yes, this just may be pretty awesome after all. The official synopsis is below:

A high-spirited adventure involving deadly ninjas, fierce warrior clans, treacherous pirates and fearless shark hunters, Kamui: The Lone Ninja boasts a star-studded cast that features some of Asian cinema’s hottest talent, including Ken’ichi Matsuyama (the Death Note trilogy), Koyuki (Blood: The Last Vampire; Kitaro), Koichi Sato (Sukiyaki Western Django; Starfish Hotel), Ekin Cheng (Storm Warriors; Divergence), Yuta Kanai (Death Note: L Change The World) and Suzuka Ohgo (Memoirs Of A Geisha).

It is 17th century Japan and from a young age Kamui has been considered something of an outcast, even within his own ninja clan. Disillusioned with the laws and principles, which dictate that he must use his skills to kill others, Kamui chooses to leave his past behind him and go in search of true freedom. But for a ninja liberation comes at a price and the only way to escape the bonds of the ninja brotherhood is to die.

Now a fugitive on the run from his clan, who are determined to hunt him down and eliminate him for his betrayal, Kamui finds himself constantly fighting for his life and unable to trust anyone. He eventually finds some solace when he meets an indomitable fisherman who saves his life and invites him to settle with his family. Unexpectedly, the arrangement brings Kamui face to face with a long-forgotten nemesis of his, another renegade ninja with a deadly score to settle. Meanwhile, the ninja army hunting Kamui is setting a trap from which there can be no escape…

Remaining faithful to its source material, Kamui: The Lone Ninja is a thrilling fantasy-adventure, full of martial arts action and spectacular set-pieces that vividly bring Sanpei Shirato’s unique manga images to life in dazzling style.”

Kamui: The Lone Ninja hits UK DVD and Blu-ray on August 9th from CineAsia.

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