Do Not Watch This Thrilling, Terrifying, Stress-Inducing Red-Band Trailer for Green Room

By  · Published on February 3rd, 2016


The first teaser for Jeremy Saulnier’s nerve-wracking, fist-clenching exercise in escalating terror and tension – aka Green Room – was released last month, and it’s really all you need to see before being subjected to the heart-racing and grisly beauty of the film itself. That’s not how movie marketing works though, so now we have the first full trailer for the film from the fine folks at A24.

If you’re already planning to see the film, and honestly you should be, then I suggest you just skip this trailer.

To be clear, it’s not an issue of spoilers really as the trailer does well to avoid things of that nature, but I still think it threatens to rob you some of the experience you’ll get seeing the film with fresh eyes. The movie follows a young punk band on tour who add a remote Pacific Northwest lodge to their schedule. It’s a neo-Nazi hangout, but the real trouble is what they find in the back room. From there the film begins a series of grim but thrilling escalations, some of which are glimpsed in the trailer below.

Of course, if you’re still inexplicably on the fence about seeing the film then you should absolutely watch this trailer right now. An evil Patrick Stewart and an ass-kicking Imogen Poots are waiting within to get your priorities in order.

Green Room opens April 15th in limited release and extends its reach nationwide on April 29th.

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