Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Trailer: A Slapstick Mini-Cartoon Where a Snowman Fights a Reindeer

By  · Published on June 18th, 2013

Channeling DreamWorks’ favorite nut-hunting squirrel, Disney has released a mini-cartoon to serve as the teaser trailer for Frozen from director Chris Buck (Tarzan, Surf’s Up). As the story of a pair of adventurers trying to end a magic-induced winter, it’s unfortunately not an animated remake of Adam Green’s ski lift horror flick from 2010. Hopefully Disney will get on that soon.

Kristen Bell voices Anna, the hero who partners with Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff) to end Elsa the Snow Queen’s (Idina Menzel) reign of wondrously beautiful icy conditions. None of them are in the trailer, though. Instead, we’re treated to Olaf, a wacky snowman (Josh Gad) who gets in a fight with a reindeer over his delicious, delicious nose.

Enjoy the slapstick on ice:

Adorable, yes, but also educational. It’s a known fact that reindeer all act like labrador retrievers and hate frozen lakes with a burning passion.

Who knows how this will reflect on the movie itself, but this was a bite-sized bit of fun that made me hope a WWII newsreel was coming up next.

Frozen hits theaters November 27th.

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