Director Alex Proyas Wins ‘Paradise Lost’

By  · Published on September 16th, 2010

“Paradise Lost,” the most well-claimed-to-have-been-read-but-wasn’t-actually-read epic poem of all time (amongst high schoolers), has had more than a few shots at a feature film adaptation. For some reason ‐ perhaps because it’s a gigantic naked tome of human moral psychology with a whisper-thin plot that it dangles by ‐ it hasn’t made it to your local cinerama-plex-a-dome.

Now, it might.

Dark City and The Crow director Alex Proyas has been hired to helm an adaptation that focuses on the war between Team Lucifer and Team God and promises some graphic Angel on Angel violence. The phrase “action film” have been tossed around, but the brand of action that Proyas delivers is usually fulfilling both on a visceral and mental level. Oddly enough, he may be the perfect person to take a challenging project like this. Now, who to cast as Satan? Is Dave Grohl available? CGI Young Al Pacino? [The New Cinematical]

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