‘Despicable Me 2’ Trailer: Getting Back in the Game With the Anti-Villain League

By  · Published on March 19th, 2013

While the plot for Despicable Me 2 has been mostly kept under wraps, the sequel’s new trailer does introduce us to a pair of new characters ‐ uptight Agent Lucy Wilde (voiced by Kristen Wiig) and straightlaced Ramsbottom (is that Steve Coogan?) ‐ and their just-as-uptight-and-straightlaced-occupation ‐ working for the Anti-Villain League.

It appears that a new villain has surfaced (a joke that’s much funnier when you consider that the AVL is set up under the sea) and they need Gru’s (Steve Carell) help to get into the mind of the new baddie. Which might be a bit more tough than they were expecting, because Gru’s girls have made him more of a softie than ever…

Hey, at least there are fun gadgets! Learn all about lipstick tasers and little swimming cars after the break.

Despicable Me 2 opens on July 3rd. [Apple]