David Yates Goes from House Elves to Tactical Espionage with ‘Who is Jake Ellis?’

By  · Published on October 4th, 2013

The “comic books into movies” trend marches ever onward, but if a comic adaptation has no superheroes, magic hammers, or grown men dressing up like winged mammals, does it still count as part of the trend? The world may never know. But what we do know is that “Who is Jake Ellis?” the graphic novel from Nathan Edmonson and Tonci Zonjic, is the latest comic to see a big screen adaptation.

We also know (thanks to The Hollywood Reporter) that Who is Jake Ellis? will be directed by English filmmaker David Yates. Yates is best known for the last four Harry Potter films, but his work on the TV miniseries State of Play (which eventually got remade into the Russell Crowe film of the same name) makes him seem much more fitting for the twisty-turny spy thriller that is Who is Jake Ellis?

Described as a mix of the Bourne series, Memento, and Fight Club (the latter perhaps offering a hint at the question posed in the film’s title), Who is Jake Ellis? finds former CIA spook Jon Moore on the run, aided by a mysterious fellow named (what else?) Jake Ellis, who miraculously has all the answers and all the know-how for every situation Moore finds himself in. Who knows why Moore has a problem with this- if only we all had some kind of magic cure-all, potentially imaginary mystery man.