David Cross is Letting You Pay What You Want for His Directorial Debut, Hits

By  · Published on January 7th, 2015


Back in 2006, David Cross was the first investor in Kickstarter. Almost a decade later, he’s gone to the crowdsourcing service for what is apparently his first project on the site (he also seems to have only just recently backed another project for the first time, too). The comedian and actor and now filmmaker is seeking money for his directorial debut, Hits. The movie premiered a year ago at the Sundance Film Festival and will finally hit theaters next month. While normally a little indie comedy like his would only have a dinky release in New York and Los Angeles followed by digital distribution after a few months, he’s attempting to get a wider presence around the country so his fans all over have a chance to watch it on the big screen. The Kickstarter goal is $100k and that’s to cover for bookings in about 50 markets in a way that allows you and me to choose our price for the ticket.

Inspired by past strategies of Radiohead and Louis C.K. in putting out their works, Cross has teamed with BitTorrent for this experiment, and the pay what you wish option will also be available through their BitTorrent Bundle file-sharing site. He says that Hits will also be on iTunes and other traditional platforms but those will be at the normal cost for movie rental and purchase. Of course, there is the matter of Cross depending on the fans to pay now and then also later, but there’s no requirement to do both. The Kickstarter pledges do come with the usual perks, at least, including signed things and movie swag and movie extra roles and even a box of Cross’s beard shavings or the honor or having him be the Godfather to your child (in name only). There are some fitting Internet fame-based perks, too, given the movie is about Internet fame, and oh yeah one level gets you a digital copy of the movie.

Our own Kate Erbland reviewed Hits at Sundance and found it “consistently funny” in its send up of Internet culture, but she also found it “muddled” in tone and too soft in its satire. It sounds like something you might not be sure you’ll like, but it also sounds like something that ought to be enjoyed enough by fans of Cross’s humor and the cast including Michael Cera, Matt Walsh, David Koechner, Wyatt Cenak, Amy Sedaris and other familiar faces and comedic talents. That makes it perfect for this sort of endeavor that’s aimed directly at the audience that’s definitely out there rather than trying to find one through a business plan. Find out if you’re among that interested audience by watching the trailer below. And head to Kickstarter to see more. Hits opens and hits the web on February 13th.

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