‘Dark Crystal’ Gets a Sequel 28 Years Too Late

By  · Published on May 5th, 2010

Sorry, sports fans. As much as I get nostalgia butterflies for Dark Crystal and it’s strange Henson-ness, I just can’t get revved up for a sequel for it these many years later.

The look of the film will be totally different – not only because of the technology currently available, but because no one can match Henson’s design. Plus, I’m sure Omnilab wants to find a balance between the old and the new, but who they’ve hired as directors essentially means the production will end up slick and Apple computerized to a gorgeous shine.

According to Collider, Daybreakers directors The Spierig Brothers have been put to the task, and will be filming in Australia with Omnilab and The Jim Henson Company.

I loved Daybreakers, and I even love Undead, but no matter who was set to this task, I’m not sure it will feel much like a sequel to Dark Crystal. The aforementioned reasons aside, the plot also sees the story set 100 years in the future which removes the need to carry through with any original characters. I imagine the creature design will be there, and I have faith that a talent like Craig Pearce can deliver a moving script – probably something frantic and emotional.

I need someone out there to get me hyped up for this. Someone to remind me why I love Dark Crystal and why I should be optimistic that this project will be a natural extension of it even three decades later.

Is that person you?

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