Dane DeHaan Wins Daniel Radcliffe’s Friendship With Banned Books in New ‘Kill Your Darlings’ Clip

By  · Published on September 2nd, 2013

After a teensy tiny 30 second teaser trailer that quite literally ended mid-sentence, and a full-length trailer that existed online last week for about an hour before being pulled down by the studio, the beatniks of yesteryear have graced us with this satisfying little clip from John KrokidasKill Your Darlings.

Though still brief at 1:12 minutes, the footage is the most we’ve got to work with thus far from Krokidas and company to showcase his story of Allen Ginsberg and some of his fellow beat poets in their college years in the 1940s. In the clip, (which is a little salty, plug in your headphones) Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) tours the Columbia University library for the first time and is introduced to Lucien Carr (Dane DeHaan). Carr’s colorful rendition of a Henry Miller excerpt enthralls him, and is the catalyst to their friendship and working relationship.

Take a look at the clip for yourself:

It’s obvious from the clip why Ginsberg is drawn to Carr; it’s hard to look away from DeHaan’s performance. Though we got to see a little of Radcliffe in the teaser trailer, it would be nice to hear him utter more than a few words. Plus, it’s such an interesting plot (Read Allison Loring’s review from Sundance for the full rundown); they need something that explains to viewers the crime and mystery aspect of the film.

The accompanying stills, which depict DeHaan, Radcliffe, Michael C. Hall and David Cross are all visually pleasing, but do nothing to help that point either. Until the full-length trailer resurfaces?

Kill Your Darlings is in theaters October 18th.